RedStoneCTF is a small group of guys who came together early in 2019 to participate in Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions held in North Carolina at various BSides security events. We’re using this site to share our experiences, curate the necessary resources for future competitions, and track places where we can hone our skills. Here are the following sections that make up this site:

  • Blog – Track our experiences, and what we’ve learned as we prepare to compete, and what we’ve picked up during competitions.
  • Contact – A method for you to connect with members of the team.
  • Events – BSides or other CTF competitions that we are scheduled or planning on attending.
  • Proving Ground – These are a special class of websites designed to enable folks like us to test known web expoits and the tools created to ferret them out.
  • Resources – Tools weve found or explored to help us in future competitions.
  • Team – To learn more about the people behind RedStoneCTF